L'Oreal Casting Sunkiss Jelly Review

Summer in Sofia is always very relax and enjoyable time. There are not so many cars polluting the air, the crowds on the streets are less and the cafes and shops are even empty at times. This feeling of summer in the city starts from June with the end of the school year and persists till September.

But August is the month when whole city takes a break from its usual routines and goes on a holiday.
I started a new job and I was not very certain if I would be able to go on a vacation this year, but eventually things turned well for me and last week I spent 5 whole days laying on the beach with a book in my hands. While enjoying the sun and sea I began to notice that my hair has become lighter than before. I have very dark brown hair and I hardly experiment with it. This natural change made me very happy and as soon as I returned back home I decided to try and keep the sun in my hair for as long as I can.
A couple of weeks ago I saw the commercial of L’Oreal Casting’s new product “Sunkiss Jelly” which is with hydrogen peroxide and makes your hair lighter. I searched the internet and found a promotion of the product in a store nearby.  After 15 minutes I was with a new look - very natural and summery.
My brown hair is not orange now, it is just slighltly lighter than before - like the color I imagine it would have if I was living in Sunny California and stayed all they by the beach.
The product is very easy to use and it takes a few minutes.  You do not need gloves or other special equipment. The consistency is like a conditioner which makes your hair very soft and it smells heavenly.
It should not be washed away with water after applying it on the hair. I used a hairdryer to maximize the effect.


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