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Dealing with my hairstyle, summer to autumn transition

OK, this is not something new to me... My hair always suffers at the end of the summer for obvious reasons - the sun and sea water are not the best treatment for thin hair.

This summer I was a "good girl", I made a promise to myself and kept it. I followed strictly the routine - hair mask after every wash. I bought a fancy all vegan, bio, 100 % organic mask and felt really good about that choice. But with the beginning of the first cold days my hair became flat and oily.
I remembered last September, around that time I suffered again, but with hair loss and dandruff ( sad times!). At that time I decided to buy a good moisturizing shampoo by Alterna, which from time to time I swapped for medicine anti-dandruff shampoos.
After a couple of weeks the problem disappeared.

This year the transitioning weather made my hair very flat and oily. Every morning I have to spent a lot of time to style it and I started washing it even more often.I made a list with a few points that I would t…

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