About me

I am a 27 year old girl (woman?) who is still searching for her true passion in life. In my free time (meaning the weekends) I like to read books or watch Oprah. The perfect evening for me since I was very little is staying at home, watching TV and eating spaghetti.
My comfort food which I would never stop enjoying is spaghetti.
When I was a child my mother would tell me that she would make spaghetti for dinner and this whole day I would look forward to dinner time.
This is also valid for nowadays. Whenever I have a stressful day at work or I feel that I need to reward myself I would prepare pasta Bolognese, serve it in bed and watch TLC.
Except spaghetti I also enjoy make-up products. I do not have a serious collection, but I search the internet and try to learn as much as I can for particular cosmetics and then I buy it.
I hope that my reviews would be interesting and helpful to people like me who like to collect as much opinions as possible before the purchase.


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