Ziaja Goat's Milk Body Lotion and Day Cream Review

Ziaja is relatively new brand on the Bulgarian market and I think I first came across their products in a local drugstore one year ago. I was attracted by the clear and minimal packaging and I especially liked the Goat's milk line. Since I'm Capricorn, the picture of the silver goat on them was my favorite and in my head these products were meant for me.

After using the Goat's milk body lotion for a while I am ready to share my impressions on it.
It is with medium thick consistency and for best results it needs to be massaged for a minute or two before it absorbs, but it is very effective for winter time, when my skin is dry and irritated. This product does a great job smoothing it and even healing it. After I apply it in the morning my skin feels soft and protected from the cold weather the whole day till the moment I wash it away. I like the smell, because it is very standard clean smell, it reminds me of fresh soap, Dove-like smell.

My favorite is the Goat's Milk day cream. It leaves the same delicate smell as the lotion on you and moisturizes your face like nothing else. Another plus is that it absorbs immediately and I apply the foundation very easy after that. It says that it is good for dry and wrinkle prone skin, which is a big advantage on the anti-wrinkle front. I definitely recommend trying this cream, because it is a very good basic cream which would surpise you with its effectiveness.

 Do you have a favorite day cream? Let me know which one you would recommend me. :)


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