Sunday, 22 February 2015

Yves Rocher Aluminium Free Deodorant


I was reading the other day articles about the use of conventional deodorants and how they could be all toxic and evil. The role of an anti-perspirant is to clog the pores and that way to prevent (or more likely to reduce) the sweat. This is done by the help of aluminum. The drawback to that? -  It blocks the purge of toxins and they remain in our body 

Therefore, ever more people are searching for aluminum free deodorants that would be as effective as the conventional once. In my opinion this is hardly possible since the natural product could not fight with the sweat, it only neutralizes the smell from the bacteria which was produced by it.
Nevertheless, being the hypochondriac I am, I decided to risk beauty in the name of my health!
I was looking for non-commercial, aluminum free deodorant and I was pleased to find one by Yves Rocher at  Debenhams store. This deodorant is with more natural ingredients, like extract from almond and aloe vera, the formula is gentle to the skin, it is free of alcohol, aluminum salts, parabens and is vegan friendly because it does not contain any animal ingredients in it.

My Impressions

I love the smell of it because it is fresh and sweet at the same time, you can definitely feel the almonds in there...yummy!  It doesn't take much time to absorb, just apply it on your skin, wait a few seconds and you are ready to put your clothes on. For the record: I am testing this deodorant during winter time, when the temperature is below zero and I rarely sweat for this reason, but I made everything possible to receive real results here. I walked all day by foot doing shopping and I used the public transport to get back home. The heat in the bus was enormous and I was smashed between other people in my big chunky sweater and my coat on. This product I must say passed the test. I do not know how Yves Rocher did it, but they made a great aluminum free deodorant which is with long lasting scent (even longer than my conventional one) and I do not feel sweaty after the busy day! This surprised me a lot and I am aluminum-free convert.

I recommend this product to anyone who is looking for more natural deodorant and I would be happy to hear your impressions on it :)

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Ziaja Goat's Milk Body Lotion and Day Cream Review

Ziaja is relatively new brand on the Bulgarian market and I think I first came across their products in a local drugstore one year ago. I was attracted by the clear and minimal packaging and I especially liked the Goat's milk line. Since I'm Capricorn, the picture of the silver goat on them was my favorite and in my head these products were meant for me.

After using the Goat's milk body lotion for a while I am ready to share my impressions on it.
It is with medium thick consistency and for best results it needs to be massaged for a minute or two before it absorbs, but it is very effective for winter time, when my skin is dry and irritated. This product does a great job smoothing it and even healing it. After I apply it in the morning my skin feels soft and protected from the cold weather the whole day till the moment I wash it away. I like the smell, because it is very standard clean smell, it reminds me of fresh soap, Dove-like smell.

My favorite is the Goat's Milk day cream. It leaves the same delicate smell as the lotion on you and moisturizes your face like nothing else. Another plus is that it absorbs immediately and I apply the foundation very easy after that. It says that it is good for dry and wrinkle prone skin, which is a big advantage on the anti-wrinkle front. I definitely recommend trying this cream, because it is a very good basic cream which would surpise you with its effectiveness.

 Do you have a favorite day cream? Let me know which one you would recommend me. :)

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Good For The Skin Products: Bioderma Sensibio, Freeman Facial Mask and Health Cream Review

My skin care routine has always been very simple with easy to follow steps and a few products to use.
In this post I would like to share with you some tested and trusted goodies which you can always find on my shelf.

Avocado and Oatmeal Facial Clay Mask from FREEMAN

Once a week I treat myself to a good face mask which  helps me deep clean those pores! Right now I am using the Avocado and Oatmeal Clay Mask from Freeman. It was suggested to me by a close friend a couple of years ago and since then I use it regularly and I am very happy with the results. Thanks to it my skin feels very clean and it is not too dry after I wash it off. The consistency is tick, green, without any particular smell, it sets very fast on your face and I keep it on there for about 20 minutes before rinsing it off. I use it once a week, often on Sundays. I am with very oily t-zone and my skin suffers a lot of blackheads, but since I started using it, these problems have really diminished.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution

The micellar water I use is Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution and I feel that it doesn't need me reviewing it, because this water is so well recognized and its effectiveness and quality have worldwide approval. For me there is no better product for cleaning eye makeup. Bioderma micellar water is very gentle and removes mascara so quickly without a lot of rubbing around the eye area. The feeling after using it is very refreshing, there is no artificial smell in it and it doesn't dry up my skin.

Bioderma Sensibio Eye Contour Gel

I recently repurchased the Bioderma Sensibio Eye Countur Gel and I must say that this is my favorite eye cream/gel, because of the light formula, it absorbs in your skin almost immediately which is big plus and makes it a good base for your concealer. If your eye area is dry and puffy this is very useful product, because it is moisturizing and soothing, and reduces puffiness.

Cream Zdrave from Aroma

Cream "Zdrave" ("Health") is special cream sold in Bulgaria by the brand Aroma. The uniquenеss of this product is that it helps with most of the skin problems: blemishes, sores, irritations and this is my best weapon against the evil herpes which I often get after a cold. I was curious to know more about the formula in this miracle blue box and as I read about it I was impressed and decided to share it with you (Information source here). There are no allergens, parabens or chemicals included, it contains zinc oxide (which has a soothing, healing, anti-inflammatory and skin drying effect), UV filter (protects the skin from the sun), vaseline and lanolin (for nourishing impact), bee wax (improves blood circulation), antibiotic and antimicrobial action (they have regenerative effect on diseased cells). Health cream saved me so many times, that I always need to have it in my home, at the office and even in my purse. Our relationship is so strong that if I have to choose between this cream and any other product, I would probably end up with my Health cream.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Favorite Winter Blushes

Who doesn't want to have beautiful rosy cheeks in winter (and always), they make your face youthful and healthier looking. For many they are just the natural reaction to the chill outside, but if you are not one of those people and you are not blessed with natural healthy glow, same effect could be created with the help of make up. Thanks to the blushes below, I do not look like a zombie, because they bring live to my complexion.

My first favorite is the Bourjois blush in 32 - Golden Amber. It has a nice bronzing effect and was my "summer blush" until recently. One day I woke up feeling bolder and decided to give it a go for the cold months.I thought it would look orange, because my skin is paler now in comparison with the summer, but  it created  again a very natural look, with glowy and fresh finish.
I love the packaging of this blush, this is the cutest little box with mirror, with good lock which prevents it from opening in your purse.

Another favorite is the Fuschia blush which I received as a present (yes, you guessed it) from my sister!I have no idea where she bought it from, but the color is so perfect and it lasts so much more than any other blush that I have to find is asap and stock up with it! The packaging is beautiful and sleek with mirror inside and good magnet close. The color is my favorite peachy pink and it has very light shimmer in it. Sometimes, when I want a little more shimmer and gold in my life, I would combine it with the Bourjois blush and this creates very sophisticated glow.

I could not pass up one of my most favorite blushes from Rimmel, the Lasting Finish Soft Color Blush in 150 - Live Pink. This is a very natural looking pink color, which is more appropriate for fair complexion, but I like how it sets on my skin, it is very pigmented and stays for quite a long time. I put a little on the cheeks and nose and this creates the "kissed from the snow" look I love!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Book Review: Frogs Into Princes

Books are something that gives me energy and feeds my imagination. Whenever I have a miserable day at work or my mind is preoccupied with "problems" to solve, I prefer to leave all that behind, take a break for a moment and enjoy a book...this often happens to lead me to the answers.
Here, from time to time, I would share my impressions on a book, hoping you do not mind those "trying to make a book club" attempts.

"Frogs Into Princes" is my first book about NLP. It describes 3 days of a seminar held by the authors Bandler and Grinder and is written in a transcript form. At first it was not easy for me to follow the constant dialogues between therapist and patient, but after a few pages I got used to that and I was intrigued. The authors demonstrate how words can have different meaning and it is important to listen to the "words" which people use, but it is also more important to carefully observe their reactions and expressions.
Same words may be connected to different experiences for different people and that's why they may trigger different responses. If we want to invest some time and effort we could understand a lot about the people in our life and we can improve our communication. 

The book amazed me with its simple truth - we always have a choice to react and do differently if the current situation does not satisfy us. Our unconscious self has the answers, variety of choices and possibilities, but we need to teach ourselves to reach for this "qualified self" in times of crisis and the authors demonstrate some techniques to do that . This is a good book for anyone who is interested in self-help and self-improvement, it is not a very light read, but it challenges your mind and gives you good advices and food for thought.