My "ex" colleagues

I am writing this post thanks to my dearest friend and now "ex"colleague - Milla.
Milla is one of a kind person, who I met in my previous work and when I mention her in any conversation with other people, I could not pass on without saying that she is the purest and nicest creature I have ever met.

She gave me the idea to write about this interesting event we had a couple of weeks ago. The event was a  meeting of all the people that work or once have worked  in the office of " Coris International", assistance company who is providing legal, medical and technical help for the clients of  Insurance companies.

It was very unusual for my friends and current colleagues to hear about our dinner party, because most of the times when people leave certain company, they stop communicating with their peers.
This was never the case with us, because, yes - we do not meet so often, we do not communicate with everyone who work there, but we still feel a part of that team - thanks to the long hours spent together in which we were feeling that we are saving the world (while performing our everyday tasks).

Another dear friend of mine, who is now working as a supervisor of the assistance department, took care of the organization - set the date, invited most of the people and made an inquiry about the place of the meeting. Everyone was  excited, we felt like we were from a special society "The Coris Sect", we chose the place, our outfits, the menu and time went by very fast during all that.

At the night of the event I arrived at the restaurant with colleague from Coris, who I love very much -Diana. When I saw her and all the other people there I felt that I never left, that I was working today with them and we are now continuing with dinner party. It felt like home.

We were all surprised to find that at the tables in front of every chair was a paper tag, not with the name of the person who is supposed to sit there, but only his famous character traits - we had to guess which one is our chair. This was not a very easy task, but after half an hour standing we decided that it is time to risk with something and sit somewhere!
From there, the evening went by so fast that I couldn't catch up with everyone I wanted, but I had the chance to tell them that I love all of them. I was feeling strange at one point, because physically I do not belong to this company anymore, but when I returned to the moment and I looked at the smiles of the faces of all past and present colleagues, when I saw how everyone is enjoying the reunion, I could not stop my very own smile.

Cheers to all my friends!


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