Book Review: Frogs Into Princes

Books are something that gives me energy and feeds my imagination. Whenever I have a miserable day at work or my mind is preoccupied with "problems" to solve, I prefer to leave all that behind, take a break for a moment and enjoy a book...this often happens to lead me to the answers.
Here, from time to time, I would share my impressions on a book, hoping you do not mind those "trying to make a book club" attempts.

"Frogs Into Princes" is my first book about NLP. It describes 3 days of a seminar held by the authors Bandler and Grinder and is written in a transcript form. At first it was not easy for me to follow the constant dialogues between therapist and patient, but after a few pages I got used to that and I was intrigued. The authors demonstrate how words can have different meaning and it is important to listen to the "words" which people use, but it is also more important to carefully observe their reactions and expressions.
Same words may be connected to different experiences for different people and that's why they may trigger different responses. If we want to invest some time and effort we could understand a lot about the people in our life and we can improve our communication. 

The book amazed me with its simple truth - we always have a choice to react and do differently if the current situation does not satisfy us. Our unconscious self has the answers, variety of choices and possibilities, but we need to teach ourselves to reach for this "qualified self" in times of crisis and the authors demonstrate some techniques to do that . This is a good book for anyone who is interested in self-help and self-improvement, it is not a very light read, but it challenges your mind and gives you good advices and food for thought.


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