Spring Salad!

In my previous post I mentioned the reason I love the smell of fresh salad. This simple meal reminds me of the coming spring. Today is an absolute snow day outside, but when we went grocery shopping for the week, we decided to invite some vitamins in our home and stocked up with vegetables and fruits. 

I made this salad for less than 15 minutes: cucumber, spring onions, lettuce is all you need. I always tear the lettuce by hand and I add a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar. We have run out of the balsamic and I used regular vinegar this time, but it was still very yummy!

I hope, you guys, had a nice pleasant Sunday evening as well! I wish you a wonderful week and 'till next time ! :)


  1. I'm definitely trying this one tomorrow! And I want some more two-step recipes! They will make my life super easy =)

  2. Yeees, you got me! I am all about the easy living! :-)
    I enjoy simple meals and "two-step recipes" is such a spot-on clever name for future posts! :-)


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