How to look young and naturally beautiful?

Since I am in my late twenties taking care of the skin is becoming more and more important. 
I am living not the healthiest of lives, because Sofia is dirty as every capital in the world is and also stressful I work in a call center and… well...we all know what that job could be like.
My New Year’s resolution was to start doing something nourishing for my skin and this blog I hope would help me keep the promise I gave to myself.
The more you take care of your skin, the less make up you need to use and the less make up you use, the more natural your look is.
It is a very simple and well known equation, but genius is often hidden in the simplest things.

My beauty routine in the morning consists of 5 simple steps at the moment:

1. I wash my face with cold water and for extra freshness I use the Bioderma micellar water.
2. This step is followed by the Bioderma sensibio eye contour gel which is amazing and I really hope that it will do its magic and help me fight with the wrinkles around the eye area.
3. My skin has a tendency to be oily and I skip the face cream. Instead I prefer to use bb cream which is a cream that protects from the sun because of the SPF and gives just enough coverage to even out the skin tone. I love it because you don't look like wearing a mask which will melt down all the way to your clothes and computer desk throughout the day.
4. I have always used only one powder - Manhattan antibacterial powder and I am always very satisfied with the results. I use just a little bit on my nose and forehead.
5. Usually for work I prefer to keep it simple and I add a little mascara

In the evening my regime is again simple and easy to follow.

1. I remove the eye make-up with the micellar water because this is the only product which does not irritate my eyes.
2. The second step is to wash my face with cold water and I proceed with Neutrogena's  Blackheads Eliminating Daily Scrub. This scrub is very gentle and does not make the skin dry, but it leaves it feeling soft instead.
 3. The last step is again to take a little bit of my eye gel and delicately spread it.


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