Sometimes dreams come true even for me and many people may laugh at the thought that a jumper could become a dream, but since I saw it one year ago I started dreaming about it, searching pictures of this jumper through the internet, comparing prices and delivery options. I even bought a few other sweaters with hearts on them, but they could not fill the whole.

Finally I decided to make the next big step and proceed with purchase….

I ordered it from Australia and every morning while drinking my coffee I tracked the status of the order. For 7 days it showed the same status with location Australia. I was not very worried because I chose standard shipping and this takes a while.

This Monday started for me like usual Monday. I woke up not too very excited about going back to work; I prepared my coffee and checked the status of the order. It showed once more that it was in Australia and I went through my day.

Imagine the surprise when later that day the courier came to the office and brought the packet. It was the happiest time!
 We were united in the end, me and the Wildfox jumper!


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