Studying before buying

I believe in "less is more" concept or KISS ( keep it simple stupid) and these sayings could not be more true than when talking about make-up.

In a perfect world in which I am not living, having plenty of creams, eye gels, serums would be "no problemo", but when you are stressed, over-worked and tired to death, following 10 beauty steps every morning and every night would happen just twice and then you may forget about it.

My limited monthly budget also does not allow me to spend lots of money on products which I will later  regret buying either because of their quality or because they do not suit my skin, my regime, my lifestyle....Therefore, what helps me find good product for my skin is... studying.
STUDYING the information which is already available in the Internet, shared by people like me who like to comment on their beauty products.Their smart comments and suggestions often show me the true path to finding the product which would suit me as well.

What I learned from college is that information is free, it is available, it is limitless and the way to make it useful for you is to know where to search for it and what questions to ask.
One source of information could be your friends, but when their not interested in beauty products like mine I had no choice but to turn to the beauty community in internet.
First I started by typing the name of the product in Google and checking different blogs and YouTube vlogs and then after a period of time I found myself returning to this specific person, to this specific blog.

STUDYING the product before buying has helped me a lot making less mistakes in my purchases, choosing the products that would suit me best and preventing me from buying a lot of unnecessary cosmetics.


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