January Favorites

January is nearly over. Acutually, I am writing this post on the last day of the month and since this is also the astrology period of Mercury's retrograde, I decided to take the time and reflect back on the past year. Some of the goals I managed to accomplish were to change my job and finish master's degree. On the list was also to get a driving license, but I would do my best and start the course in 2015. Another goal of mine for 2015 is to read more books and write reviews, because this is really something I enjoy doing. Even if you find the time to read only one page a day from your book, when you are exhausted in the evenings, this immediately inspires you and makes difference in your life.
Mercury's retrograde is not a good time to start new inventions or to spend your money on new purchases, so I decided to stick for a few weeks with my old, but most trusted products. This month's most used  (therefore most favorite) products are easy to apply in the morning when you do not have time to experiment and instead want to use something quick which would never disappoint you.

My first favorite is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel foundation. This is very good quality liquid foundation, easy to apply on your skin, blends very well and has a good coverage. It leaves the face looking very healthy and glowy.

The second product is the Loreal Million Lashes Excess Mascara which I reviewed here. This mascara served me well through the whole month of January and I am very satisfied that it never smudges, even on days when my eyes are super watery, because of the chill outside, it stays on the lashes.

My go to eyeliner this winter month was the Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Waterproof. I find the pencil very easy to draw with and it lasts on your eyelids one whole 8-hour work day.

The winner on the cleansing front is the Gentle Exfoliating Daily Face Wash from Himalaya. This light scrub cleans your face without drying it too much. The goal of the apricot granules in it is to remove death skin and excess oils, aloe vera soothes your skin and hydrates it. It is also free of parabens and other additives.

This month I tried using under eye concealer for a first time. I was planning on buying one for a very long time until one day I just stopped by the local drug store and picked the Loreal True Match Concealer. It is described as super blendable and really is - easy to apply, matches the skin perfectly, overall a good product.

Favourite eye shadows - the colors from the Mettalic book (more detailed post here). I gravitated towards these warm golden shades the most. They save me time in the morning, because I just pick a little bit from the light color and a little bit darker brown and voila!

"Most used powder" price wins Manhattan Clear Face Compact Powder. I use this powder ever since from high school and it changed its package through the years, but the quality stays the same and it still has antibacterial features.

Rose water has many favorable qualities for the skin. One recent tip I saw from Gossmakeupartist  was to spray it on your face from a distance after applying the foundation and powder. It transforms your look, making it immediately more natural and the make up is longer lasting.

My eye cream at the moment is Avon Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro. The bowl has  two sides which contain a different product - cream for under eye area and gel for the eyelids. I use both of them and I am satisfied for the moment, because it's gentle, does not irritate my skin and absorbs very well too.

Best product and this month hero is Alterna Caviar Volume Shampoo. I wrote a detailed review in my previous post (link here) This shampoo transforms the way your hair looks and the result is visible after the first wash.


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