Alterna: Review of Caviar Volume Shampoo

First Impressions
My first encounter with  Alterna was in a hair salon in Sofia where a great hairdresser recommended me the products. She explained that the shampoo makes her work 10 times easier.  After washing any hair with it, the quality of that hair was visibly improved, then the styling was  faster and the overall result better. I was also impressed with the Alterna shampoo, because my hair is thin and I always use volume mouse after the wash. This time my hair was voluminous without any efforts or additional products, it gave body and texture to my hair, made it shiny and silky. The effect was visible even the next day and I regretted I did not buy the shampoo immediately from the salon.

About Alterna

I searched for the brand online and found some interesting facts in their official website. Alterna are pioneer in luxury hair care since 1997 and their mission is to create products which are salon quality, but with natural and pure ingredients. All Alterna products are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, sodium chloride and gluten. The company developed the Enzymetherapy®, which is a special enzyme delivery system that improves the absorption of essential ingredients for superior keratin production (well...that sounds fasinating). It is also good to know that they do not test on animals and use eco-friendly packaging (go Alterna!). Their main collections are named after the unique ingridients which are used: Babmoo, Caviar and Hemp.

Caviar Bodybuilding Volume Shampoo

I came across the facebook page of Alterna Bulgaria from a blog post (link here) and decided to order the product online. I was trying to choose between their Bamboo Abundant Volume shampoo and Caviar Bodybuilding volume shampoo. Alterna Bulgaria were so nice to find the time and help me pick the best product.
They explained me that the Bamboo line is strengthening and is  suitable for healthier hair. If your hair is dry, damaged or porous, the best choice is the Caviar line, because the Caviar is recovering ingredient and it helps make your hair more elastic, nourished, stronger and resistant to damage. My decision was the Caviar shampoo, because it sounded like the best fit and it was the one I already tried in the salon. I have no regrets, because this is the first product which is changing the condition of my hair after the first application. The shampoo will serve you well for a long period of time, because you really need a very small amount of it.  The product should be emulsified in your hands until it creates light foam, then massage it on clean and wet hair for a few seconds before rinsing it off. This way the ingredients will be activated by the heat and will create the best results. Alterna deliberately avoids mixing them in advance in order to deliver its customers fresh products without the toxic preservatives.


This product promises to build volume, protect the color and improve the overall appearance of fine, thin hair, restoring it to a healthy, youthful state. After I've used it, I agree that it delivers all these things and it is a good investment. For someone like me who was always looking at magazines and blogs, admiring the glamorous hair of other girls, this is the dream come true product.


  1. How interesting! I also got the recommendation for alterna shampoo from my hairdresser. It’s true that after washing the hair with Alterna, the quality of hair really improves as it contains herbal and organic ingredients. I really love this shampoo.

  2. Me too, I love how it changes my hair! I made a pause for month or two and I used it again today. It is really amazing - the volume and body it gives to the hair! I try to save it for special occasions, but I just can not do it!


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