L'Oréal Makeup Impressions ( Volume Million Lashes Excess Mascara, Color Riche Nail Polish, Color Riche Le Kohl)

I have a sentiment for L'Oréal because from this brand were the first beauty products I tried when I was experimenting with makeup in high school. My savings were not enough to try all the products I dreamed about, but I could afford a foundation or a mascara now and then. I was always very pleased with the quality of their makeup and especially with the mascaras.

My friends and I have a tradition, every year for my birthday they give me new L'Oréal mascara.

This time I received a gift box which includes the Volume Million Lashes mascara, nail polish in 404 Scarlet Vamp and eye pencil in black.

Volume Million Lashes Excess

This mascara makes my lashes very long and voluminous. One coat is enough for natural look, but you can put a lot of coats on without getting clumps, if you want more dramatic eyes for nights out. Another advantage is that it does not cause irritation and does not smudge. It literally lasts all day long, but in the evening you do not need special equipment to remove it. I use only micellar water. 


Color Riche Scarlet Vamp 404

I usually encounter some difficulties when applying red color on my nails, for most parts my nails look like they are bleeding...very dirty job...but with this nail polish the application is easy and painless! The color is magical red with something special in it. In the sunlight you could see violet sparkles in the bottle. And last but not least, it dries very quickly!

Color Riche Le Kohl Black

I tried the pencil today and I am glad that again - it did not irritate my eyes and stayed in its place all day long. I do not like to reapply my makeup during the day. I want to apply it once in the morning and forget about it. I have to say that the pencil and the mascara from this gift box are certainly the way to go for someone like me.


  1. a fresh view on L'Oreal's products. Love the Scarlet Vamp!

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