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These four cute pallets were a Christmas present from my sister. The first thought in my mind when I saw them was that I should do a tutorial with the looks, because the colors are easy to wear, great sellection and quality and we all have to admit -  the packaging is lovely. While I am still trying the combinations and experimenting with the wonderful colors, let's  get a close look at the pages of the magical books.

They come in beautiful and sleek packages which are great for traveling because it would not take a lot of space in your bag. They have a good magnet close that makes it impossible for the pallet to open in your purse.

"The Smokey Eye Look"

The smokey eye I thought would be least suiting for me. I have dark eyes, dark hair and I rarely use dark eye shadows. But one day I tried combining together shade 4 and shade 2 and applied them both all over the eyelid. I chose to wear a white pullover this same day and it turned out very good silvery wintry look.

"The Nude Eye Look"

I have to say that I am a big fan of this look. These shadows go with everything and you do not need to put a lot of effort in the morning while applying them, thus it is a good look for everyday at the office. The shadows in this pallet create very soft, very clean and warm and surprise surprise – natural look which I am always fond of.

"The Party Eye Look"

My first try was the party look, because it is a festive season and I have been going out a little more often. Another reason I grabbed this one is that the colors suit my party dress, which I bought for the office party and successfully wore for a few more occasions after that… Yey! Shades 5 and 3 have a tint of sparkle which looks very magical on the eye at night!

"The Metallic Eye Look"

Another shadows I could use regularly in the morning when in a rush for work. Shade 1 is champagne like color which I found suits my complexion. I apply it all over the eyelid and proceed with shade number 3 - toffee brown which reminds me of autumn. I apply it as the instruction says – into the crease and at the outer corner of the eye, sometimes I apply it below the lower lashes for extra shimmer

As a whole I love the quality of the pallet and the rich combination of colors from which you could choose. My absolute favorite shades are number 4 from the Nude look, number 3 and 5 from the Party look and number 1 and 3 from the Metallic. They are very complementing for my eyes and I will certainly use them in many different combinations.


  1. you have the best sister ever =)
    i think the party look is my favourite, smoky and nude are just essential classics.

    1. Thank you! I absolutely agree with you! :D


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