The Formula
Biotherm Aquasource gel is with thermal plankton cellular water  and  promises up to 48 hours intensive hydration. It also contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids, without parabens and mineral oil free. It can be used in the mornings but as well in the evenings. Sample size of the product came with one of my favorite beauty and style magazines – GRAZIA.  After the first application I could see the results on my skin and I could not wait to share my excitement for this product. 

My Impressions 

The texture of Biotherm  Aquasource is very light gel which absorbs immediately, providing incredible hydration. My skin was so refreshed after using this product and the feeling was like after washing your face with pure water. It leaves very delicate smell which in the mornings awakens you and helps to start the day with a smile. The scent is of something clean, fresh and citrusy. My skin was suffering the cold weather here lately. It is below zero °C in the mornings and my skin which is usually very oily started to look dull, dry and dehydrated. This product returned the glow and brightness to my face. It is a good base for your foundations and powder. I would definitely try using it in summer because this very light texture is suitable for warmer weather as well.


I give it 10/10, because it is really a remarkable high quality face product which successfully delivers what it promises! In one sentence: If you want a product that would leave your skin refreshed, hydrated and beautiful - Biotherm  Aquasource gel is just the right one for you.


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