Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Boyfriend /Husband

Picking presents...enjoyment or agony?
It is not an easy task to choose a gift for a man which would impress him. Many of my female friends find it very difficult deciding on the right present and when they find something amazing in the store which they love, the hard reality hits when they bring it at home and their husband/boyfriend would say: “I told you not to pick up presents for me. This is not my taste. I prefer to choose by myself”. 

Choosing a gift for someone, not only a man, but also a woman is always risky. You spent lots of time and money walking around shops and in the end, this person may not share your love and excitement for the item you bought. Therefore, more and more of my friends decide to collect money instead of buying present in order to avoid disappointment. 

But I am a person who loves buying gifts and I enjoy doing it more than shopping for myself. When you buy the smallest gift for someone, it shows that you care and appreciate him/her. Giving presents is a tradition in the celebrating of a holiday, it connects you with the other person and this small gift turns into a symbol of your love. It shows that you are willing to take the risk to invest your time and effort and you could fail miserably, but you may happen to create the most enjoyable memory of this experience.
In this post I would show you some small affordable gifts which I gave to my boyfriend and he really liked them.

 Azzaro Decibel Perfume 

My boyfriend is a drummer in a band, he also enjoys singing and music takes a great part in his life. This is why when I saw the Azzaro Decibel Perfume, it immediately caught my attention. The fragrance was launched in 2011 and it is described in the reviews as oriental and electric. The bottle is from dark glass with metallic top in the form of elegant microphone. The scent remains throughout the whole day which is a big plus.

Traditional Shaving Suplies 

The second option is a gift I ordered from - online shopping website for traditional shaving supplies. In my humble opinion traditional shaving is becoming again very popular and in conversations between men, they often share information and tips for better shaving.  I made a research in YouTube and Google and came across the brand “Proraso” which is highly recommended and with "five star" reviews. “Proraso” is an Italian brand, they use age old formulations in their products which makes them world famous. The products from this range are made mostly from natural ingredients; chemicals are removed and only some preservatives are left which are important to retain the quality of the product.

I was very lucky to find this website because it offers great variety of shaving tools and everything necessary for the shaving process from "A" to "Z". The review section is helpful and the delivery was done in less than a week in December.

 Zippo Lighter

My last gift idea is for those of us who have a boyfriend/ husband who is a smoker and he loves it! After many years of fighting over this habit I have to confess that I bought him a Zippo lighter and there is something good about it. Zippo lighters have lifetime guarantee, they have to be refueled from a special zippo lighter fluid can and if you smoke more often, guess what happens, the lighter has to be refueled more often too. This certainly rings a bell that you have to slow down the tempo! This is a present which made him very happy, because the lighter is fancy, the flame creates very nice and warm smell and most importantly - it’s windproof and during winter when all smokers are expelled from the warm spaces and sent off to the cold Siberian weather, your guy would have the comfort of eternal fire!


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